MFA NCAD…..synopsis

My work is about the weight of attraction and phenomenology of perception. Combining to form a transcendental telepathy, not only within the body of oneself, but without the physical body and the weight of the other. Back in 2014 I was researching porn and its allure in comparison to the attraction around two strangers meeting in a crowded room. My work at ‘The Annex’ James Street on June 18th will show the results of the journey that holds no return. Two years of reading, lectures, gallery hopping and non stop studio work.I will be sharing my experiences through my medium, and you shall receive it through your medium, your perception…..


I can identify the hand touched in the same one which will in a moment be touching… In this bundle of bones and muscles which my right hand presents to my left, I can anticipate for an instant the incarnation of that other right hand, alive and mobile, which I thrust towards things in order to explore them. The body tries… to touch itself while being touched and initiates a kind of reversible reflection” (PP 93). Merleau Ponty.