12993422_10206166864071222_612685141452903397_nWhat Kind of Painter Am I?

The primary bond between humans is affection, a feeling of having met before.

How does one differentiate between affection and attractiveness?

This is a mystery!

How does affection turn into vulnerability?  How can sex, a personal,

Subjective experience confirms this affection?  We flirt with a visceral indescribable experience that is beyond even the boundaries of paint to describe.


This is the challenge!
This cannot be painted within the framework of figurative or abstract art.  It is somewhere in- between.  Other artists like Jenny Saville describe the pain of being female. Marlene Dumas strips it back to a pain, which is not ours.  Tracey Emin’s bed is cold, without children, a white hot journey.  Genève Figgis makes us laugh but does not engage with how it feels to be alive.  Lisa Yuskavagae is hilarious, but she doesn’t expect to vibrate at anyone’s frequency.
In most situations we feel affection for people because of the way they communicate, which can be done with words or ideas, regardless of their appearance or age.  When we move from affection to attraction we stimulate the senses beyond discursive exercises.  We enter the unknown.  It is this fleeting and primal glimpse of sexuality, set in a bedrock of memory that informs and stimulates my work

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